Phone Consult

Prerequisite for in-person trainings
$ 50
  • 45 minutes
  • Cost applied to price of training

In-Person + Virtual

Single session, plus two days of virtual training
$ 250
  • Requires phone consult
  • 90 Minute Appointment
  • Two Virtual Appointments

In-Person Training

Complete three-week training
$ 1,000
  • Requires phone consult
  • Four hours of hands on training
  • Eligible for drop-ins

Virtual Training

Three-week virtual training
$ 550
  • 60 minute Zoom consult
  • Three weeks of daily check-ins
  • Eligible for drop-ins

Drop In

Mondays only
$ 25
  • Previously completed an in-person trainining or virtual training
  • Footage under five minutes welcome
  • Basic follow up

90 Minute Consult

Overview and guidance
$ 200
  • Custom YouTube list
  • Basic guidance
  • Not eligable for Drop In's

Leash Class

Foundation level class
$ 20
  • Self-guided
  • Virtual, five-part video series
  • Good starting point
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Regina H.
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Koco is professional, knowledgeable, and is clearly interested in delivering a positive outcome for both the dog as well as the owners. She went above and beyond spending time on the phone answering questions, and then during our training session took all the time needed to make the encounter a success. There was a marked difference and improvement in our dog’s behavior during and (now also after) our session. We were given many tips and excellent advice along with training techniques, and will definitely contact Koco again for further training. Very impressed! Nov 17, 2020
Alissa F.
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My first session with Koco was amazing. She was very attentive and informative. You can tell that dog training is her passion. She’s always willing to answer any questions I might have too. Bear and I look forward to the second session! Sep 30, 2020
Arturo S.
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We had adopted a rescue a few months ago and found he was in need of training. As much as I tried, nothing worked. I contacted Koco and found her level of experience was incredible. I told her everything about my dog and she advised she could work with him. We met up and she quickly assessed the issue. She had him walking on leash instantly. My dog was responsive and adapted quickly to the new training. Koco spend 1.5 hrs with me and my family and was all took turns walking him and putting him through a few commands. Koco spoke to us about her training videos and offered to answer any questions over the phone. There was no need for a second session as we had all the tools necessary to continue the training. Thank you so much! I knew my dog was capable of these things and I am glad I spent the time to train him. Jun 14, 2020
Jamie H.
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Koco was an absolute delight to work with! She gave me such good insight into my dogs' thought processes and gave me the tools to better communicate with them. After one session with each dog I saw huge improvements in their on-leash behavior and have since made big strides in their overall behavior: less barking and pulling, more listening. One has learned "down" and will be learning "place" soon! All thanks to Koco! Feb 15, 2021
Jisun M.
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It was great to work with Koco. Her explanation was really clear, demonstrations were helpful. She taught us how to use prong collar safely and effectively. The main issue with my dog is her reaction to other dogs. In order to address and correct the issue, we did our session at Chaparral park in Scottsdale. My husband and I were able to see progress in our dog and we will keep practicing what we learned from her. Oct 7, 2020
Hunter F.
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Koco was absolutely amazing to work with! We rescued Rio a Staffordshire Husky mix a few months ago and he was responding quite aggressively to our newest little addition Scrump’s. Koco corrected some of Rio’s most difficult behaviors and temperaments in a matter of minutes. Not only is she absolutely wonderful with our dogs but she is so incredibly funny and personable as well! My mom and I look forward to working with her again shortly for some more intensive training. Thank you again Koco!! You gave us so much hope and relief. We appreciate you. Jan 23, 2020
Sonya R.
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Koco is experienced and so good with my dog. She took us leaps and bounds in one lesson. She also is a dog lover which is important to me. Aug 28, 2020
Debbie L.
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She was so professional. Excellent with our dog. Addressed the problems we have and taught us how to stop it. I put it into action that afternoon and it worked. Two other companies I had contacted were more worried about selling me a package than doing what I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Aug 8, 2020
Kate C.
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Koco is AMAZING!! She is professional, kind, and very thorough with her explanations of why dogs do this or that. My dog is a completely different dog after our training session. She's so much more calm and happy on our walks. I would definitely recommend Koco to anyone looking for help with their dogs! Nov 24, 2019
Jean C.
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Koco did an excellent job explaining the steps we needed to take to eliminate the unwanted behavior of our dog. We have practiced the steps the last 2 days and are amazed on how quickly things have turned around. Highly recommend Koco if you want quick results. Aug 3, 2020
Arika O.
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10/10 Highly recommend Koco! She changed some of my dogs unwanted behaviors in ONE hour. I was definitely skeptical but I’m so glad I went through with it. My only regret is I didn’t do it years ago!! Jul 7, 2020
Angie P.
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I am SO happy to have worked with Koco. Not only was she amazing with our very insecure little guy, but she was so friendly and funny with us. I highly recommend her; her work is truly life changing! Feb 4, 2021
Keith D.
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Through the COVID pandemic me and my family are facing a financial burden. Our dog has aggression and biting issues that is causing a lot of problems at home. Koco knew we would not be able to hire her at this time but quickly offered solutions in the meantime to help our problem. All other pros simply sent us a pay or go away message. Thank you Koco, we appreciate everything and look forward to working with you in the future! Apr 16, 2020
Ele F.
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It was a wonderful experience working with Koco. She knows her stuff and although we were unsure first, our dog responded straight away and she gave us the tools to be able to continue working with him! It’s been less than 24 hrs and our dog is already responding so well and it’s the best he has been since we got him! Definitely recommend. She is very genuine and understanding and helped us immensely! Nov 22, 2020

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