In-Person Training

In-person training requires a phone consult first. I won’t work with everyone, just the ones willing to do the work. This operates much like virtual training. Except there are four hours of hands-on training where I come to your location (two in-home appointments). The hands-on appointments allow me to show you exactly what training needs to get done and how to do it. After the first in-person appointment, we start the three-week training program.

Over the next three weeks, I detail a program that’s specific to your life and your dog. I break everything down into three-day sections. And I will be checking with you every single day. Through the video app, I will show you the protocol I want you to work on and explain what the entire day needs to look like.

Once you receive the demo, you will execute and record yourself doing the training. This allows me to see how you interact with your dog. How you use your vocals, praise, physical direction, energy, attitude; all of it! In addition, I’ll be able to see how your dog responds to you.

From here, I can tweak and adjust everything. I’m a visual learner, so my default is to teach that way. For three weeks, you will have access to me every day for training, questions, comments or concerns. The second appointment is to prove what we’ve trained over the three weeks.