Available Dogs

Steve is the life of the party, stuck in a little dog body! He has all the attributes of a working dog, ready to learn and be your partner in crime, as well as your best Romeo lover-boy!

Steve gets a long great with other dogs, although his high energy can be a bit much for some 🙂 Dog intro’s would be required as well as mandatory training to get his adopter started off on the right foot!

Utah is a household FAVORITE!!! He is the epitome of a “perfect dog”… depending on what kind of dog owner you are? We’ve been training Utah since the day I scooped him off the street, and he shows up with enthusiasm, ready to learn and work every chance he gets!

Most folks see pictures of him and think, “what a great little snuggle buddy”, while Utah is a smaller sized mixed breed, and incredibly affectionate, he would thrive in an active home, with a handler that has experience. 

Utah gets along with dogs, and will probably torment cats on accident. He likes to bop them in the face with his muzzle… 

His adopter would need to be local, or available to spend some time with myself and Sarah, to go over his training. All large dog breeds have mandatory training required, before adoptions are final.

Sweet Little Millie wants nothing more than to love you to DEATH! She is about as easy as a Sunday morning… very, very “go with the flow”. Millie loves to go for car rides, she loves to get out of the house and go for walks, and will be ready for burrowing in your favorite blanket with you, as soon as your day is done! 

Millie gets along with most dogs. She loves the boys, and does well with girls, as long as they aren’t trying to “alpha” her. If you have a strong female dog that rules the roost, Millie would not be a good addition 🙂

This heart throb was hit by a car, and somehow survived with just a beat up exterior. His personality takes the cake! Marches around the yard to make sure Little Mike isn’t getting himself into trouble, throws heavy donkey kicks after he’s “done his business”, he’ll flop over in the grass to let out a playful wiggle then its straight back to me for some serious snuggles. He wastes no time! Rodney has a pending adoption 11/14/2021.


Available Dogs Video

*All the dogs are crate trained and potty trained, fixed, chipped, vaccinated and perfect.

*No idea if any would do well with cats, I have none.

*I do not adopt any of my dogs to families with small children (must be over 15) I know this is frustrating for some people, but the safety and well-being of my dogs is my number one priority.