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Handover Rover is a no-kill rescue that focuses it’s efforts on providing MASSIVE amounts of free content for dog owners. We do not want to clean up your mess, we want you to get better and train your dog. Free content on YouTube by searching “Koco Garcia”.

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Free Training Videos

Rescued a dog? First few months are delightful… until they aren’t. What went wrong? Where did you go wrong? You gave the dog everything, and can’t figure out why they are acting aggressive “all of a sudden”. Follow along in this video as I detail the steps necessary to undo the “bad behaviors”. More than anything, YOU have to step up as a leader. There isn’t anything wrong with your dog, this is the result of you giving your dog everything, and forgetting that just like us, dogs need to fulfill a purpose. They need jobs to do. Interested in adopting or supporting my cause? Check out my home base: https://www.handoverrover.com/ Need help? Click this link: https://leashfoundation.com

This story is not over, Cash is still at my Vet undergoing treatment. All of this was 100% avoidable, if his owners simply would have fed him. Cash was infested with ticks. Thousands of ticks. At my house, we tweezed off a few hundred, and a few hundred more came off in the bath. My vet said, “Koco, there were no less than 400 ticks in his kennel when we went to take him out?!” Recovery will be slow, and we are working on day 6 at my vet!! If you are able to contribute to saving Cash’s life, I would be eternally grateful!! Subscribe to this channel, and I’ll continue to post Cash’s journey, as well as the many many other rescue’s I have coming into my care in the next few weeks!

This dog was far too dominant and pushy for a prong collar. He blew right thru it repeatedly, even with foundation, structure, training, feedback, handfeeding… I couldn’t seem to have any real break through, until I realized I needed to get control of his WHOLE head, not just his neck. If you need help with the foundation, go here: LeashFoundation.com