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Handover Rover is a no-kill rescue that focuses it’s efforts on providing MASSIVE amounts of free content for dog owners. We do not want to clean up your mess, we want you to get better and train your dog. Free content on YouTube by searching Koco Garcia.

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Latest Videos

What should I do when I’m walking my leashed dog, who encounters an off-leash dog? My 80 pound Akita does not like other dogs. Especially when a five-pound chihuahua is charging toward her. It’s as simple as following the steps in this video to keep your dog under control and safe!

Our new rescue in this video is dog aggressive, specifically with male dogs. He’s also aggressive toward other animals. The protocols we used to help him adjust simply take time to implement. Slow down, don’t rush integrating your dogs. New dogs need time. Follow the steps in this video and if you need more help, check out my Leash Class.

The owners of this German shepherd in this video tried to starve him to death. Someone close to the dog reached out to me on social medial asking for help. The owners had previously escaped animal felony abuse charges a few years ago. She didn’t think there was enough proof to get the law involved, she was right.

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